Mighty Buildings - Beautiful, Sustainable Homes for All

Revolutionary combination of 3D printing technology, advanced materials, and robotic automation brings to life the vision of beautiful and sustainable homes

Mighty Buildings - Beautiful, Sustainable Homes for All

Customer portal

Customer Portal including a home configurator allowing customers to select and customize their home type and tracking system for their project, home production time and delivery.

Mobile app

My primary focus was on developing a mobile application with a virtual reality feature, enabling users to book house tours of their desired properties. Throughout this process, I collaborated closely with stakeholders and frequently had to justify and defend my design decisions. Additionally, I worked on crafting internal tools to streamline production regulation at the factory, as well as creating a customer portal for seamless interactions.

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Mighty wireframes
Mighty wireframes


The implementation of customer portal tool has significantly improved the efficiency of sales managers and heightened the engagement of home buyers throughout all stages of the home production processes.

Mighty wireframes


I worked on an enterprise ERP system built on Odoo, but due to confidentiality agreements, I am unable to showcase it in my portfolio. Nevertheless, this experience was highly valuable, allowing me to contribute to a complex and confidential project.

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