EPAM Anywhere | Design System

During the growth of EPAM Anywhere and its transition into the redesign phase, the importance of consistency across the program's offerings became evident. As a result, a decision was made to create a new design system, and I enthusiastically stepped forward to contribute my expertise to this exciting project.

EPAM Anywhere | Design System


I became a part of the product team during the dynamic redesign phase, collaborating with a talented group comprising designers, a product owner, a product manager, UX researcher, and developers. Over the course of two years, the team has experienced substantial growth.


To build the components, I followed the Atomic Design Methodology, categorizing them into atoms, molecules, organisms, and ecosystems. I designed these components for both light and dark themes. Additionally, I established clear guidelines for using indentation when structuring content blocks, determining typography, and selecting colors.


The incorporation of the design system brought about consistency across products and expedited the creation of new pages. Within a span of four months, we successfully compiled an impressive repository of 3,000 design elements, each tailored to specific devices and featuring various states and views. This endeavor significantly enhanced efficiency and maintained visual coherence throughout our projects.



The decision was made to streamline and expedite the page design process by creating a dedicated library. This library became an ecosystem of pre-built sections that could seamlessly adapt to various resolutions and use cases, simplifying the overall design workflow.



Now the speed of creating designs for pages has increased from several days to several hours.


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