Experienced UI/UX Designer passionate about creating beautiful and effective interfaces, considering user needs, business and technical requirements. Skilled in design processes, design systems, and mentoring.

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  • Radik Adiulin

    Radik Adiulin

    Product Manager

    In my collaboration with Lolita, I have come to recognize her as a hardworking and inventive UI/UX designer. Despite the constant flow of tasks, Lolita demonstrates an exceptional ability to concentrate on essential aspects, prioritizing initial problems and user values in order to conceive the most effective UI/UX solutions. Her role extends beyond just design creation; she actively participates in user research, gaining a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and, consequently, suggesting and implementing innovative solutions. I really enjoy working with Lolita and the results we get.
  • Liudmyla Lebedieva

    Liudmyla Lebedieva

    Senior Business Analyst

    During our collaboration, Lolita consistently demonstrated an exceptional grasp of user needs and business requirements. Her meticulous attention to detail and innovative design approach consistently delivered visually appealing and highly functional user interfaces. Whether working on wireframes or final designs, she effortlessly bridged the gap between user expectations and business objectives.
  • Tanya Silich

    Tanya Silich

    Design Lead

    During the year and a half that I collaborated with Lolita, her impact was evident in the tangible results we achieved. She played a vital role in optimizing conversion rates through innovative design solutions, developing new user-centric services from the ground up, and providing valuable mentorship to junior team members. Her dedication and expertise were truly invaluable to our projects.

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